Microsclerotherapy - How effectively to remove telangiectasias

PhD Olexandr Voloshyn


11 october 2023
Hall “Paris”

Olexandr Voloshyn

ANGIOLIFE Vascular Center, Kyiv- Zporizhzhya city

Phlebologist, MD, PhD
Experience in vascular surgery – 15 years, aesthetic phlebology experience – 9 years

The number of performed microsclerotherapy is about 1,000 Author of more than 100 scientific and popular scientific articles devoted to diagnostic and treatment of patients with vasculary diseases, co-author of 4 declaratory Ukraine inventions patents and 6 monographs

Microsclerotherapy - How effectively to remove telangiectasias

 -Duration 30-40 min

-Phlebological approach to telangiectasia and selection of microsclerotherapy method

-Preparation for the procedure (main stages)

-Basic principles and techniques of microsclerotherapy

-Tips & tricks for an effective procedure

-Methods of prevention and management of complications in microsclerotherapy

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