Endovenous laser ablation - Tips & Tricks

PhD Vasyl Shaprynskyi


Vasyl Shaprynskyi

Senior researcher of the Scientific Department of Miniinvasive Surgery, PhD

State Institution of Scienсe “Research and Practical Center of Preventive and Clinical Medicine” State Administrative Department

Experience in vascular surgery – 17 years, experience in venous surgery – 17 years
The number of performed operative interventions in chronic venous disorders is about 3000

Author of more than 70 scientific works devoted to the problem of treatment of diseases of arteries and veins

Endovenous laser ablation - Tips & Tricks

-Duration 30-40 min
-Questions and discussion on the basis of the patient’s clinical and anatomical and hemodynamic data, you will learn to evaluate what can be obliterated with the help of EVLA, and what should not
-Technical features of introducer implantation both in classical and non-standard situations
-Technical features of tumescent anesthesia
-Technical features of guiding the light guide in complex anatomical zones
-How to achieve EHIT 1. How to avoid complications
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