Non-reversible (orthograde) autovenous bypass

MD Oleg Sergeyev

Oleg Sergeyev

MD. Dnipropetrovsk regional hospital of Mechnikov. Dnipro

Head of vascular surgery department of Dnipropetrovsk regional hospital of Mechnikov

Work experience – 33 years

Number of vascular operations more than 1000 on arteries of femoral-popliteal segment

Author more than 30 scientific works about reconstructions of arteries femoral-popliteal segment.

Author invention – valvulotom of original construction

Non-reversible (orthograde) autovenous bypass

-Duration 30-40 min
-Analysis of the advantages of non-reversible femoral bypass methods
-Presentation of a reusable valvulotome of our own design
-The technique of valvulotomy of the great saphenous vein
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