Duplex Ultrasound of Lower Extremity Arteries

PhD Olena Shved


12 october 2023
Hall “Paris”

Olena Shved

 “State Institution of Science
«Research and Practical Center of Preventive and Clinical Medicine» “

Vascular Surgeon, Ultrasound specialist, PhD

Experience in vascular surgery – 19 years, experience in vascular ultrasound- 17 years

The number of performed Duplex Ultrasound Examinations is about 40 000

Author of more than 65 scientific works devoted to the problems of Duplex Ultrasound of arteries and veins, Ultrasound Support and Navigation of Surgical Interventions in Vascular Desease Treatment

Duplex Ultrasound of Lower Extremity Arteries

 -Duration 30-40 min

-Ultrasound Anatomy of Lower Extremity Arteries

-Arterial blood flow curve interpretation, qualitative and quantitative characteristics of blood flow

-Technique of DUS-examination, US-scaner settings, competent conclusion formulation

-Analysis of frequent mistakes

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